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Tax Planning & Tax Controversy

Tax planning

Tax planning is a job that demands precision, thorough knowledge, and careful strategy. If you carefully plan your taxes, you’ll have smooth sailing, but if you don’t, you risk losing everything you’ve worked hard for. 

In other words, it’s not a job for the inexperienced. At Eyet Law, we stay up-to-the-minute with IRS regulations and tax laws to provide the most insight possible to our clients. 

In addition to a JD, Eyet law founder Matthew Eyet has a Masters in Tax Law. His substantial tax consulting, planning, and litigation background means he can effectively guide clients through situations like:

  • Tax planning and return preparation
  • Business entity selection
  • Assessing investment opportunities 
  • Business mergers and acquisitions
  • Gift taxes and charitable giving
  • Business and personal income tax positioning

Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.

– Robert Redford

Tax controversy

The stress of facing a tax problem is considerable. You’re faced with pressing questions like “How much do I owe?” “How serious are the errors?” “Am I at risk of civil penalties, or worse, criminal charges?” And of course, “What do I do?”

Tax questions get complicated very quickly. At Eyet Law, we work closely with you to understand the situation and determine the most effective, efficient solution so you can get back to business. We can work with you to resolve:

  • Federal and state taxes and audits
  • Tax litigation options
  • Settling tax cases
  • Tax collections
  • Criminal liability

If you’re facing an audit, have filed an inaccurate return, or are in need of settlement options, Eyet Law is prepared to help you find a solution.

The attorneys at Eyet Law are focused on building relationships with our clients and delivering exceptional results. We take the time to fully understand your case and tailor our approach to your needs. To learn more about how Eyet Law can help you, schedule a free consultation with our team.

FAQs about tax law

What does a tax attorney do?

Do you have questions about business tax, employment tax, or sales tax? A tax attorney can answer them.

If you’re facing a tax litigation issue, whether civil or criminal, investigations or audits, or even something as seemingly simple as tax preparation, experienced tax attorneys can walk you through the process and help interpret the relevant legal and tax codes.

Is a CPA the same as a tax attorney?

No! CPAs have an important skill set, but they are not the same thing as a tax attorney. CPAs, or certified public accountants, can perform general accounting services and they can help you figure out the best way to prepare and file your tax return based on your individual needs using their detailed knowledge of tax code. 

A tax attorney, on the other hand, doesn’t just know the tax code inside and out, but also is versed in the laws surrounding the tax code. Their extensive knowledge of both code and law helps them provide valuable insight into how the IRS may interpret and enforce these rules. Tax attorneys are also prepared to help you resolve any legal proceedings you may encounter with the IRS.

I'm being audited by the IRS. What should I do? What are my rights?

Your first course of action should be to contact a tax attorney to help you find the best solution for your case. Even if you choose to represent yourself, they’ll provide valuable insight and guidance on how to proceed in your meeting with the IRS. (But one of the benefits of hiring a tax attorney: they can represent you in any meetings.)

A tax attorney can also help you understand the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which grants all taxpayers essential rights in any interactions with the IRS. These rights include, but aren’t limited to, the right to be informed, the right to challenge the IRS’s position, the right to appeal, and the right to retain representation.

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