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Matthew Eyet Shares His Insights into Running a Small Law Firm

Jul 15, 2021General

Running a law firm? That can be a challenge, but small law firm owners in particular, including our very own Matthew Eyet, have been able to navigate the obstacles . Focusing on creating efficiencies and bringing a vision of the ideal law firm—and what that means to clients—to life is just part of what helps create a sustainable practice. 

When running a law firm, there’s a list of challenges that present themselves daily. Fielding IT issues, working on process improvements, managing employees, overseeing billing and accounting, marketing the firm, generating new business—and that doesn’t even include the actual legal work! Which means that for anyone who opens their own practice, they will most likely need plenty of personal motivation and hard work to go around. 

In a recent article by Loio, Running a small law firm in Pennsylvania: 5 owners share their stories, Matt shares some insight into the scariest and most exciting parts of running his own firm. And we know what you’re thinking: “But Eyet Law is New Jersey-based!” What you might not know is that there’s still a lot of ties to Pennsylvania for us—Matt is a native son of Pennsylvania and he has practiced extensively in Pennsylvania’s state and federal courts.

Matt credits his clients’ loyalty in sticking with him when he opened his own firm, along with utilizing governments assistance programs, as the key factors allowing him to sustain his practice over the years. Going out on your own can be a little unnerving and come with lots of uncertainties, but when your clients let you know they value your experience and want to continue working with you specifically, it’s a sign you’re headed in the right direction.

In addition to all the other responsibilities, the shift to remote work brought some new challenges to solve for our law firm. But it came with some added benefits too. Once our team focused on adapting to new technologies to make our practice more effective while working virtually, we were able to streamline many parts of our firm. Our approach is to be open-minded to these types of changes even during more “normal” times. Pivoting quickly is just part of staying on top of delivering quality. 

Having your own law firm isn’t what anyone would call easy, but with personal dedication, the right team, loyal clients and a willingness to adapt it’s possible to turn it into a succes. 

A big thanks goes to Luke Sinibaldi, our newest intern, for his hard work in helping to craft the content for Matt’s feature in this article. Check out the full piece here: Running a small law firm in Pennsylvania: 5 owners share their stories.

Written by Matthew Eyet

July 15, 2021

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