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Challenges / Solutions


Tax Issues


How can we resolve tax issues cost-effectively? 

Tax Issues


When an international client came to us with complex tax issues, we knew we could help them. Faced with a hefty price tag, Eyet Law was able to resolve their problems at 27.5% of the cost that had originally been issued by an auditor.

Civil Litigation


What can be done to help our case?

Civil Litigation


At Eyet Law, we go the extra mile. We don’t just do things as they’ve always been done. We have won several first-of-their-kind rulings that have set precedent and impacted the way law is practiced.

Estate & Tax Planning


What tax implications should I know about if I plan on relocating to another state?

Estate & Tax Planning


Eyet Law doesn’t just help clients with problems they’re having—we help them avoid problems in the first place. Clients relocating to Florida from New York face potential tax audits. We help set them up for success by anticipating potential tax and estate law issues and heading them off early.

What we provide

Eyet Law LLC is a dynamic, modern law firm serving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. We specialize in providing effective, efficient solutions for businesses and individuals across three major practice areas.

Our goal is to provide informed legal advice at every stage of your personal and business development, always keeping the big picture and your future in mind.

Civil Litigation

Through mediation, arbitration, or trial, we help our clients resolve their civil litigation cases in a collaborative, efficient manner. We work to develop unique solutions that mean you don’t always have to go to court to resolve your matter, saving you time and money in the long run.

Tax Controversy and Planning

Whether you need to resolve a tax problem or are looking for help with your tax return, we have unparalleled expertise in both tax code and law.


Business Formation, Estate Planning, and Administration

Behind-the-scenes legal issues don’t need to slow your growth and development—or give you additional stress. We offer comprehensive business formation and planning.

Work with Eyet Law

Led by Matthew Eyet, the team at Eyet Law knows that effective solutions don’t always come from doing things the traditional way. Our deep knowledge and professional experience mean we know the playbook, but we also know when to throw it aside and try an innovative approach.

Our dedication to finding the optimal solutions for your needs is the foundation of Eyet Law’s success.

What do you need? What do you want to achieve?

We start with your goals and work from there. We look at all aspects of your business and legal problems to find the right approach, not the common approach.

Eyet Law is mindful of your time and money. You can rest assured that by partnering with us, we will spare you needless headaches. We are a full-service firm that handles the heavy lifting so you can get back to the work that propels your business.

Solving problems means listening.

- Richard Branson

“Great corporate lawyer who works hard for his clients and listens.”

William Charschan

Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injuries

“Mr. Eyet is the lawyer who can solve all your legal problems. Mr. Eyet will treat you in a professional manner and make you feel like a family, from beginning to the end, providing very satisfying results. I highly recommend Eyet Law – 💯 % results 💯 % delivery 💯 % satisfaction and 💯 % solve cases.”

Margarita B.

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